The " G m41b "disc were used starting with the 1955 rebuilds & mostly discarded when the bore disc came into use . Some that have not been rebuilt since 1955 may still have the sniper disc . Also , at least 2 snipers have shown up from SAMCO Global in Florida , USA with 2 disc on the stock . A " G m41b " disc & a bore disc .


23 Nov 2017 G'day there, I love my mausers and ever since finding out about them I have been curious towards the M41 snipers, but there really doesn't 

The last unit to utilize the m/41B was the Swedish Home Guard and they used it until it was replaced by the scoped AK4OR, a Swedish version of the H&K G3A3 fitted with a Hensoldt Fero Z24 4×24 scope. Between 2000 and 3000 such guns were converted before Germany realized that it also needed quite a lot of snipers’ rifles, and stopped selling the optics to Sweden. At that point, the Swedes turned to domestically-made AGA scopes, which were really not a good as the German ones. In total, 5,300 m/41 snipers were built between 1941 and 1943. 2017-08-17 · Swedish M41B Ex Sniper Rifles ClassicFirearms.

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I went out on a limb this weekend and bid on a Swedish M41B at an online estate auction. The auction  20 Sep 2018 A few months ago I decided to convert one of my Swedish M96's into a faux M41B sniper rifle for use in the CMP vintage sniper match. I bought an  13 mars 2015 - My Husqvarna M38 6.5x55 with scope mount(M41b replica 41B Swedish Mauser was considered one of the preeminent sniper rifles of its time. EUR 20 % de réduction.

Fsr rifle, 5 m41 sniper rifle, 6 m41B sniper rifle, 7 fm The are identical to the Swedish m96 with the. Swede made in ; 29inch barrel with excellent bore; import st 

one of the early samco imports, still having the orange samco inventory tag. Although, the plastic tie has been replaced by a rubber band. Barrel is stamped, "Samco Mia Fl m41b 6.5x55 germany." Rifle is a mauser oberndorf made in 1899 for sweden by germany. This auction is for an exceptional Swedish Mauser M41b Sniper Rifle in truly excellent condition.

This one got the nod. I bought an Accumount repro scope mount and sent it to a trusted gunsmith. He is fairly busy and it took some months for him to complete the job. In the mean time I got a smoking deal on a real Swedish M41B sniper rifle, but that is a different story.

140552. Matching numbers. Mirror-like bore. Manufactured at Carl Gustafs Stads in 1904. #65x55 #targetshooting #wwii #m41b #shooting #firearms #history #guns #2a #carbine #boltaction #military #sniper #police #sniper #gun #guns #shooting  Sniper riflesling lock with hook. Gm/96, CG63, CG80.

Matching scope mount with an Ajack 4x90 scope mounted, the scope is Swedish crown proofed, serial numbered 2134 and dated 1942.
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1896 with Ajack m/41B scope, 6.55 x 55 cal., no. 140552. Matching numbers. Mirror-like bore.

German proof mark. Download this stock image: A sniper rifle mod. 1896 with Ajack m/41B scope, 6.55 x 55 cal., no.
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2016-04-18 · According to Garry, the Swedish Model 41B Mauser may well have been the best sniper rifle of its era. If you're going to be neutral, it's wise to have a damned good military capability. There's probably nothing harder to do than keep others from forcing you to take their side, and only through the threat of force of arms can you keep the warring factions at bay.

Swedish Mauser Model 1896 Sniper Rifle and sporterised version firing at 100m. Visit us at All of the Swedish Sniper Rifles were assembled from existing rifles tested for accuracy. The Scope is the imported German AJACK 4x90 early WW2 type. (and not the post war sniper M41B) The scope mounts also early WW2 versions are both serial numbered and do not match themselves or the rifle.

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Vite per regolazione attacco ottica Carl Gustafs Sniper M41B. Consente di regolare la deriva dell'attacco delle ottiche Ajack dei fucili sniper svedesi M41B.

Hence the M41B designation. The base rifle was manufactured in 1900. Yes, it’s a 116 year old gun. I think the scope is a post-WWII production by Jena. Which is correct.

Swedish Mauser Model 1896 Sniper Rifle and sporterised version firing at 100m. Visit us at

Usually bore discs placed on the upgraded m41bs in '55 as well. Firing a Swedish M41B Rifle at a little under 100 yards. Please note I am a novice when it comes to these and this rifle was NOT sighted in well. With a more All steel repro M41B sniper mount/base.

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