BSA | The Software Alliance appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the Interim Rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to 


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More information. 22 sep. 2020 — in those Public Offer Jurisdictions mentioned in Paragraph 7 of Part B below, 889. H&M. SE0000106. 270.

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7. 315-054. 1. 8.

4. Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (the Prohibition on the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) rules implementing Section 889,  What is FAR Section 889?
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2020-07-10 · Section 889 Part B covers certain telecommunications equipment and services produced or provided by Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation. Long Awaited, Controversial NDAA Section 889 Rule on Huawei, ZTE and Video Companies Emerges from FAR Council: Wiley Specifically, section 889(a)(1)(B) will require an offeror to represent, after conducting a reasonable inquiry, whether covered telecommunications equipment or services are used by the offeror. The prohibition applies whether or not such equipment or services are actually used in performance of the federal contract. 2020-08-19 · Since Section 889 of the NDAA was signed on August 13, 2018, the FAR Council has been working diligently to implement the statute, which has multiple effective dates embedded in Section 889.

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FAR 4.2104, Waivers. Section 889(d) permits two limited and structured opportunities for waivers. The interim rule contains the statutory requirements to apply for a waiver and additional requirements as described below.

83. Dokumentet, eller delar därav, får ej utan ABB:s medgivande reproduceras eller See section "Feed unit" under chapter "Wire feed unit" 412 506 889.

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889 Agency Merchant provided a “does” response. Cardholder determined the required supplies services are covered by a FAR 4.2104 approved Executive Agency waiver. Cardholder relied upon the Executive Agency waiver to make the purchase. Contact Contracting Office to determine if this applies. 889 Exception Merchant provided a “does” response.

The interim rule contains the statutory requirements to apply for a waiver and additional requirements as described below. Click here to download a flyer with additional information on Section 889 of the FY19 NDAA for both agencies and the contractor community.

Aug 7, 2020 Background. On July 14, 2020, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council issued an interim final rule to implement Section 889(a)(1)( 

G. vändning och får därför inte användas som tryckreglerventil för systemet. 0993 143 889. Tätningssats (märkning ”DT”). 0990 143 for the connection of the voltage supply and the sensors specified in sections 6.3.1 and 6.3.2.

Under ce Section 889 Background Part A of Section 889, which was implemented last year with an interim rule that established FAR 52.204-24, -25, and -26, prohibits the government from acquiring or obtaining covered telecommunications equipment or services as a substantial or essential component of any system. Section 889 applies broadly to prime contractors, subcontractors, and other contractual arrangements connected with a government contract. The prohibitions are implemented through three main FAR clauses.